The Revolution Silenced V2 has arrived

Revolution Silenced V2 Stratos 315 AC - Low Power

The latest innovation from Global Air Supplies has arrived – Revolution Silenced V2 is the next generation of silenced fans. 

It is engineered by Systemair to be lighter, quieter, and maintain all the advantages of the original model. The Revolution Silenced V2 raises the bar and is the ultimate sound-absorbing fan.

The new sealed housing is the culmination of a team of engineers who developed a new and novel solution to reduce the noise of airflow. Revolution fans have silent motors and double-balanced blades. However, the powerful aerodynamically optimised blades and guide vanes create fast, high-pressure air flows that can cause issues with noise.

Revolution Silenced V2’s new housing incorporates a sound-reducing foam designed specifically for ventilation systems. It does not absorb moisture or dust. The metal flanges are inserted into the housing with rubber grommets to form a seal. The fan, flanges and the silencing tube seal into a light, sturdy, and moulded outer-body, deadening sound. 

Product Breakdown 

  • The most efficient fan is now the quietest 
  • Outstanding performance and airflow 
  • Sealed housing so no possible leaks 
  • Hanging brackets for easy installation 
  • Extremely lightweight 
  • IEC cable attached 
  • Fully serviceable 
  • Maintenance-free 
  • Made in Germany 
  • 2-year guarantee 

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Not just Evolution, the V2 is a Revolution.