Beat the heat with summer friendly LEDs!

Summer friendly LED

Summer is the most challenging time for indoor growing. As temperatures increase, plants can struggle to survive and thrive. So, creating the best possible environment is crucial to ensuring you get a good yield! One of the main environmental factors to consider for summer growing is lighting and heat. When heat becomes an issue, investing in summer friendly LEDs can help reduce the temperature within your grow room. Discover more throughout this blog.

Why should I switch to LED from HPS?

Growers familiar with cultivating under HPS light know that their fixtures emit a significant amount of radiation heat. The sort of heat that warms up the upper foliage, causing your plants to transpire, especially in summer heats. Excessive transpiration can be problematic as it reduces the growth of the plant, its seeds, and fruits.
LEDs produce less heat than HPS, so you don’t need to increase cooling methods to maintain the correct room temperature. They can be positioned closer to the plant; achieving higher light intensity and therefore higher yields. This makes LEDs extremely summer friendly, as a lower heat output will increase the efficiency of your setup.
Additionally, LEDs provide a balanced lighting spectrum, being rich in blue, green, yellow, and red wavelengths. HPS lighting on the other hand, is far more dominant in yellow and red wavelengths of light. This can cause plants to grow taller and develop thinner stems and leaves. However, crops grown under the balanced spectrum of LEDs exhibit growth patterns truer to crops grown under natural sunlight. This results in crops with thicker stems and expansive, broad leaves.


Switching to a LED fixture not only provides higher quality plants with greater yields, but also increases efficiency and ROI.
LEDs are more efficient than HPS at converting electrical energy into light energy. This means growers can save on their energy bills. Additionally grow rooms will require less cooling to maintain optimum growing conditions and high light levels.
Changing to a summer friendly LED fixture is a long-term investment, increasing life expectancy by at least twice the amount. HPS lights offer on average a life expectancy of 24,000hrs. A number that pales in comparison to the LEDs 50,000hrs average expectancy, with some brands going up to 100,000hrs.
LED fixtures have another benefit, they consume less energy. Electrical consumption of LED fixtures is 43% less than HPS. In other words, 43% savings in electrical costs. LEDs are more energy efficient than HPS fixtures, resulting in less running costs and a higher return on investment!

Beat the heat with G.A.S.

G.A.S. sports a vast range of lighting solutions including the highest quality of LED options. We offer state of the art products from brands such as Gavita and Sun System. Our summer friendly LEDs have a superior, plant specific spectrum and a better representation of natural light. They also produce μmol/J output at the optimum plant spectrum.

Don’t know what to pick? Let us help you:

Sun System RS-1850 LED:

An innovative 6 rail, plug & play foldable fixture with long life, high efficiency diodes. With its versatile folding and dimming options, it enables you to rear your crop quickly, to the highest quality. Using the Gavita e-Series Controller, you can connect and control up to 1000 fixtures.
• Foldable fixture.
• 1850 mol/s
• 2.6 mol/J efficacy.
• Manual dim 50-75-100.
• External Control.
• 5-year warranty.
• Compatible with Gavita Master Controllers.

Gavita CT2000e LED:

Compact, durable and easy to clean. Its robust design is underscored by high quality components to deliver top-end performance you can count on. Increase yields, enhance quality and save up to 25% in energy use by replacing a 1000W DE HPS installation with the CT 2000e. Quick and easy to retrofit, fitting seamlessly into existing HPS layouts. The first and only LED 1:1 replacement for HPS in the industry.
• Optimise your ROI.
• Different light levels covered.
• Robust and easy to clean.
• LED lamp included.
• Industry first LED 1:1 replacement for 1000W HPS
• 5-year warranty.

Gavita Pro 1700e LED:

Designed to deliver more usable energy to your plants while consuming less power. The Gavita Pro 1700e LED is a full-term light fixture that provides consistent, energy-efficient results. Eight passively cooled LED bars provide intense light coverage, with no moving parts, reducing the number of possible fail points. Reliably sourced components including Samsung white LEDs and Osram deep-red LEDs create improved performance. Dimmable and distributes broad, full-spectrum light anywhere from 50% to 100% while maintaining efficiency.
• A full-term light fixture that provides consistent, energy efficient results.
• External control.
• Dimmable to 50% without loss in efficiency when used with the Gavita E-Series Led Adapter.
• Balanced, full-spectrum light output.
• IP56 wet rated and CE compliant.
• 8 passively cooled bars provide full spectrum, broad coverage light for full term growth.
• LED lamp included.