RadAir 200

The RadAir 200 is a cost-effective, entry-level fan which is ideal for beginners. It delivers high air volumes at high air pressure. It doesn’t compromise on air delivery and is high-powered. 

The 200 is outstanding value for money and features a robust outer body, speed control, plug-and-play functionality with no additional wiring or parts. It comes with an easy-to-use mounting bracket that can be removed for cleaning. 

This fan features an electrical IEC connector so it can be installed easily.

  • Guide vanes straighten airflow and increase air pressure
  • Powerful, reliable and efficient motor
  • Angeled impeller blades work with the guide vanes for maximum airflow at high pressure
  • Secure sealing clamps
  • IEC electrical connector for simple installation
  • Flange for easy duct installation
  • Removable mounting bracket for easy cleaning and mounting
  • Power 100 Watts
Technical data of the RadAir 200
Model: Max Air Flow
Max Air Flow
with Filter m3/h
RADAIR200 850 790
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radair-200-mixed-flow-inline-fan radair-200-breakapart
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radair-200-dual-graph radair-200-single-graph radair-200-product-dimensions

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