RadAir 150

Introducing the RadAir 150.

Our entry-level fan which is ideal for the novice user. Delivering high air volumes at high pressure it is high-powered and doesn’t compromise on air delivery. 

The 150 is great value for money and features a robust body which is airtight and sealed. It has speed control and plug-and-play functionality with no extra wiring or additional parts needed. 

Featuring a mounting wall bracket, the fan is easy fixing and this can also be removed to be cleaned easily. 

It also comes with an IEC connector to make installation quick and incredibly easy.

  • Guide vanes straighten airflow and increase air pressure
  • Powerful, reliable and efficient motor
  • Angeled impeller blades work with the guide vanes for maximum airflow at high pressure
  • Secure sealing clamps
  • IEC electrical connector for simple installation
  • Flange for easy duct installation
  • Removable mounting bracket for easy cleaning and mounting
  • Power 60 Watts
Technical data of the RadAir 150
Model: Max Air Flow
Max Air Flow
with Filter m3/h
RADAIR150 500 390
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radair-150-mixed-flow-inline-fan radair-150-breakapart
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radair-150-dual-graph radair-150-single-graph radair-150-product-dimensions

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