Dutch Lighting Innovations (DLI)

Redefining The Light Fixture

Dutch Lighting Innovations (DLI) develops and manufactures supplemental lighting systems for the global greenhouse and horticulture industry. Its products are made using the highest quality components and designed to be easy to maintained and highly reliable.

Founded in 2015, DLI has a strong presence in the hydroponics and horticulture markets. Its team comprises of industry veterans with over 100 years combined experience. All of whom are passionate and dedicated to their field and aim to continue to innovate and redefine what grow light means.

DLI worked closely with Philips Lighting to create High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide systems. They then went on to develop LED products for the full growth cycle.

The mission of DLI is to create a fixture that surpasses the performance of its competitors, whilst improving the design to suit the purpose. This new approach to design has made way for numerous improvements in the design and functionality of light fixtures by DLI.

Dutch Lighting Innovations pride themselves on having its design, R&D, and production entirely in-house in at facility in the Netherlands. This provides the highest level of quality control and flexibility.

All DLI products are designed with customers in mind. It collaborates with the world’s best suppliers and well-known research and testing organisations to validate the quality of its DLI products.

As a DLI customer, you can sleep comfortably, knowing your plants constantly receive the right light.