IWS is back home

IWS is back home

As some of you may know, IWS (Intelligent Watering Systems) is now manufactured and distributed by Global Air Supplies, which is closely linked to the creation of the brand through the Director, Ian Collins. Because of this, IWS has undergone a change in philosophy. Moving away from the stationary mindset to one that incorporates and welcomes invention and growth.

What’s New For IWS?

As a part of our re-launch, you might notice that we’ve changed how we look slightly. This is a part of our ongoing efforts to push our brand and our products to be the best they possibly can be.

We’ve now started selling more of our tried-and-tested products in IWS Autodrain and the IWS Dripper. Products which have been with us since the beginning, alongside the IWS Flood & Drain.

We’ve also launched our first new product since we’ve been back home, the IWS Trident. Trident is an all-new style of pot which greatly increases the efficiency of our existing products when used alongside them. This is a small taste of what’s to come in the future.

What’s Changed?

To save confusion, we’ve condensed and merged the previous Flood & Drain product line into three main systems, which cover everything previously available.

We’re doing everything we can to push new developments and improvements to our systems.

We have improved and upgraded:

  • IWS Flood & Drain Pro Remote from two small pumps to one larger pump, giving a quicker drain cycle and your plants are not sat in water.
  • We’ve listened to customer feedback and have upgraded pipes across the board; the new braided pipe is a higher quality, tougher pipe that will not bend or leak with ease.
  • The IWS Dripper System has been improved with new pressure compensation drippers and larger pumps.
  • The Autodrain is now available in complete kits, with better draining stands available in two size.
  • Large Pot Stands are now available for the Flood & Drain Pro Remote.

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