Gavita ELF1 Controller

An upgraded version of the original master controllers – the EL1F  gives you incredible control over your lighting as well as integrated PID control over EC fans, you can control the most important aspects of your grow room from a singular point of power. 
PID control (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) gives the most accurate and stable temperatures in your grow room. It’s self-learning as it is continuously measuring the effect of any changes in temperature and fan speeds, to give an absolute stable temperature in your grow room and a quieter fan. The EL1F controller offers ventilation control based on temperature and support intake and extraction fans. The EL1F controller allows you to control up to 40 lights, 2 EC fans and has independent sunrise and sunset settings. 

  • Switch, dim, and boost your fixtures from a central unit
  • Independent sunrise and sunset settings
  • Auto-dim and auto-shutdown safety features
  • Suitable for one grow room 
Gavita ELF1 Controller

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