G.A.S Bringing DLI’s Cutting-Edge Horticultural Lighting to the UK

G.A.S with DLI to Bring Cutting-Edge Horticultural Lighting to the UK and Europe

Global Air Supplies (G.A.S), is proud to announce an exciting partnership with Dutch Lighting Innovations (DLI). G.A.S will be distributing DLI’s state-of-the-art lighting solutions to the United Kingdom.

DLI are known for designing high performance products, optimised to increase plant growth in indoor grow environments, while minimising energy consumption. Its range of products include HPS and LED fixtures, controllers, and the latest innovation within the horticultural industry, the DLI CRI-Series UV fixture.

DLI are the only grow light manufacturer that develops and builds UV light fixtures, able to recreate the UV-A and UV-B advantages of sunlight. The UV fixture can be used in combination with both HPS and/or LED and serves as a supplement to the standard grow light. The wide, UV resistance reflector makes the fixture suitable for multiple layouts.

The addition of DLI to the G.A.S product portfolio, further cements Global Air Supplies’ as a leading wholesaler for the horticultural industry, and provides customers access to cutting edge lighting solutions, following the departure of Gavita from the UK.

For more information about the partnership and the range of DLI products available, watch the below videos or view the range on our website.