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A simple solution engineered to solve grow room temperature and humidity differences.

A bug bear of many growers has always been to create a uniform environment.  Clip on fans and oscillating fans were never built for the task, working twenty-four hours a day in humid environments, being unreliable taking up space and never really achieving a uniform environment.

The DiffuseAir takes the Systemair RVK fan, the most reliable fan in the industry and couples it to a diffuser designed for grow room environments.

The DiffuseAir looks like a simple product but the engineers at Systemair pulled out all the stops to create the right jet streams and air flows that mixes the air evenly within the grow room.

The DiffuseAir is ceiling mounted so you have more floor space in your grow room for more plants.

Hydromag said “Here at Hydromag we have been blown away by the fact that such a simple, yet brilliant piece of kit has heralded a fundamental paradigm shift in the environmental management of grow rooms.”


DiffuseAir Diffuse air mounted

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