CarboAir Wins Again

CarboAir Wins Again

Global Air Supplies are delighted to announce that CarboAir Wins Again! 

CarboAir filter has claimed another two awards following Garden Culture Magazine’s ‘The Great UK Hydro Store Survey’ for 2020.

The survey and subsequent awards take place every two years and see CarboAir re-capture our 2018 ‘Favourite Carbon Filter’ title and add the accolade of the UK’s ‘Most Sold Carbon Filter’. These two achievements are a testament to the quality, performance and purity of CarboAir and the delivery of excellence the product produces.

About the survey

The bi-yearly UK-wide survey is conducted by industry experts Garden Culture Magazine, who contact other industry taste-makers and stores to gain their feedback and insight into products across the marketing in a number of categories, from nutrients and supplements to tents, lighting systems and more.

This years’ survey contacted a total of 152 people and stores to harness their feelings on the industry and it’s product offerings. Shops and industry experts are picked at random from a wide-ranging demographic across the United Kingdom.

What we won

#1 Favourite Carbon Filter:

We snagged the accolade with ease, claiming 37% per cent of market approval, up from 22% in the previous survey, thus cementing our position as market leaders within the UK.

#1 Most Sold Carbon Filters:

CarboAir came out on top again in this category, as 25% of stores claimed our filter was the most sold product for the year. Proving that customers trusted our handmade filter above any other on the market.

Any other business

Alongside these wins, some of our other distributed products placed in the rankings, including the Gavita Pro 1700 E LED lighting system for ‘Favourite Lighting System’ and ‘Favourite LED’, Gold Label came third for the ‘Favourite Growing Brand’ and second for ‘Most Sold Substrate’ and Global Air Supplies Intelligent Humidity Controller AirSonic Pro, which was the fourth most popular for ‘Favourite New Product’.

What the survey tells us about the industry

The feedback garnered from stores deems that the UK is “thriving” and “more competitive than any other hydro market in the world”, retaining a strong “sense of community”, something they say is “lost in other markets”. That is fantastic news.

The feedback also tells us that in the first survey six years ago, the average store was 5.7 years old. In 2020 the average figure is 11 years old and that business is booming, with 35% of stores claiming they were experiencing a “stellar year” and 49% claiming their year was “above average”.