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Air Mixed Flow Fan

Air (formerly known as RadAir), is a mixed-flow inline fan from ventilation innovators Global Air Supplies.

Air is a cost-effective entry-level fan that delivers high air volumes at high air pressure. Ideal for beginners, Air mixed flow fans offer a high-power, low noise solution without compromising on air delivery.

Great value for money, Air fans are a robust, sealed-body unit with built-in mounting brackets designed for easy mounting and cleaning.

Available in six sizes, RadAir fans offer plug & play functionality. The IEC connections make installation and use simple and hassle-free.

Simple. Economical. Radical.

£51.19 Product

Air 100 AC Max Air Flow 200m3/h MORE INFO >

£51.19 Product

Air 125 AC Max Air Flow 200m3/h MORE INFO >

£65.83 Product

Air 150 AC Max Air Flow 500m3/h MORE INFO >

£84.00 Product

Air 200 AC Max Air Flow 850m3/h MORE INFO >

£154.33 Product

Air 250 AC Mixed Air Flow 1500m3/h MORE INFO >

£218.27 Product

Air 315 AC Max Air Flow 2300m3/h MORE INFO >

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