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About Us

Global Air Supplies Ltd

Global Air Supplies is the first and only horticultural wholesaler that specialise in ventilation products. We work in partnership with manufacturers to create the best products for your grow room. We sell on fact not fiction. All our products have been tested in independent laboratories so you can believe in our products and our data, to help you get the grow environment to meet your needs.   

We are now partners with Systemair and the new distributor of Systemair products. Systemair, the global leader in ventilation products, wanted us, a dedicated expert team to represent them in our industry. 

About Systemair

Our partners Systemair were established in 1974 and are now global leaders in ventilation technology. Systemair products follow three basic rules: simplicity, reliability and high quality. 
You can guarantee we have picked the best partners in the industry to work with. All our products are tested at Systemair and proven to work in the area they were designed for. 
All our fans have German motors and are produced under strict EU rules. Systemair products are not cheap products. Systemair invest millions in product research and development in the EU and manufacture under strict ISO 9001. These high quality products deliver what they say they will.


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